Three men… One true prince…
Who says fairy tales don’t come true?


Gia Perrone is hired to fill in as famous photographer Scott Wainwright's assistant. The job entails documenting the life of Santoria's royal family and the prince's wedding. All work, no play, right? Wrong. Scott lives up to his reputation as an insulting bully of a boss until he makes his off-the-clock interest in Gia clear.


Meanwhile, Prince Roman can't stop flirting with her, despite being engaged. Add in non-committal ex-boyfriend Jason Fortin begging for a fifth chance, and good grief, life in Santoria isn't just a job anymore. It's a conundrum of royal proportions.

Which one will win her heart? One she doesn't want. One she can't have. One she can have—maybe—but does she want him?

Wow! I really enjoyed this book. The author has a way to weave in Gia"s sarcastic personality brilliantly! Not to mention the fact that she's involved with more than one man while the male characters are trying hard to win her over. Not your typical triangle situation. The push and pull between all the characters are very entertaining! I highly recommend this book! — Kathy M., via Goodreads

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A pair of Hollywood romances starring two best friends 

Carson and Lara


A celebrity playboy looking for love...

Soap star Carson Wells’ heart closed up shop six years ago when his fiancée ran off with his rock-star best friend. Since then, the dancer-actor has turned his back on serious relationships, seeking no-strings, down-and-dirty sex with a laundry list of hot women. But lately, a growing loneliness tugs at his gut...along with an unrelenting desire for his co-star. 

A sassy screen star putting her heart on the line...

Lara Kincaid is totally out of her depth with the fiery attraction to her playboy leading man.  Even so, something about the man tugs at her heart and soul. She’s dipped a toe in the water—should she dive right in, she just might drown.


Gray and Eve

Eve Brock is an investigative reporter who has no use for celebrities. When she's assigned to cover a Hollywood awards show after-party, she's spitting nails mad. Then she runs into Gray Daymon. While he's admittedly sex on a stick, every word out of his mouth makes her cringe, and perfectly proves her point.


Gray, a scorching hot soap opera actor who avoids the press like the plague, doesn't know the beautiful woman he's hitting on is a reporter. Believing she's recorded his crude attempt at flirting, he freaks out. When the two butt heads over his misunderstanding, sparks fly - not all of them bad.


Lowering his defenses, Gray works to charm his way into Eve's life. She has to decide if the heated tension and desire is worth the risk. 

A friends-to-lovers romantic duet 

Hearts on the Line, Book One


NYC advertising executive Erynne Sommers thinks she has a fairy tale marriage. Then she discovers her husband’s sordid betrayal and learns the shocking truth about his past, thanks to the return of his former BDSM lover. As her once-perfect world crashes down around her, a series of dreams lead her from a pit of despair into the arms—and bed—of the man who unlocks her love.

Evan Giamatti didn’t mean to fall in love with his happily married coworker. But, when her life falls apart, staying in the friend zone isn’t easy. Determined to be the compassionate friend she needs while she picks up the pieces of her fractured heart, he fights his own growing desire. Evan prays her ability to trust and love again isn’t irrevocably shattered.


Hearts on the Line, Book Two

Evan Giamatti is on top of the world. Finally, the woman he's hungered for is in his arms and his bed. Life is good. No, check that. Life is fantastic. Until he's blindsided when a phone call sets a series of unthinkable events in motion, testing the strength of their relationship.


Amid the turmoil, Evan must make a huge decision about his future while protecting their new love—and Erynne.

Erynne Sommers didn't expect to fall in love again. Who would after what she'd been through? Then Evan entered her life like a storm holding the key to her tattered heart. Unable to resist their mutual attraction, Erynne takes the leap, trusting Evan to cherish her heart. Thing is, she didn't expect the universe to test their love so soon.

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Falling in love puts their loyalty to the test 

The first time I ever laid eyes on Delilah, she was on the arm of another man. My brother. At their wedding. The next time I saw Delilah was a year later, standing over my brother's open grave. One joyous, one devastating.


When your brother is your lifelong best friend, there's nothing you wouldn't do for him. Loyalty isn't a choice, it's a fact. So, what happens when life throws you not one, but a handful of curveballs that have you questioning your ability to remain loyal in the most intimate way?


James Coury's admittedly absurd attraction to his brother's new wife is bad enough. The sudden death of John is nothing short of torture. Thrown together in grief, James vows to be there for Delilah through the devastating loss of her husband. Yet, the act of helping her heal her shattered heart places his in a crushing grip of its own.


The battle to subdue his growing love and desire for Delilah sets James' morals and honor to the test—one he's not sure he'll pass.


What can happen in nine hours? A lot

Cassie Traeger's plan when she stepped aboard the plane to Munich was simple. Explore Europe. Alone. Reset her routine existence. Heal from the dregs of a bad relationship. See the world.


Mid-flight, her adventure spirals into the surreal. A mysterious man next to her alters the present, diverting their flight to Norway. Upon landing, she discovers everyone else aboard has vanished. Is this a dream? Or a new reality?


Gunnar Halvorsen has searched the globe for his soulmate. The woman the Gods intend to be his eternal partner. As soon as he sets eyes on the lonely Las Vegas cocktail waitress, he knows he has found her. Together they will keep his family's precarious legacy alive.


Bending place and time to his will, he's determined to persuade her that she belongs at his side. Convincing her is easier said than done. He only has nine hours to succeed.

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